This Title Needs No Introduction


I am a solo traveler who plans on discovering the world. I am also a university student and an auto-entrepreneur. I write, take photos and videos. I am passionate about Art, photography and languages. One of my biggest dream is to hold a koala. This blog has no groundbreaking purpose and is dedicated to improving my writing. I happen to be a French individual who expresses herself in English for no apparent reason. It might seems ovbious that writing this blog already means I am on the verge of losing my French and that, in some sick way, I can manage to talk to myself a lot. I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences and if they are somehow useful to someone, well, you owe me buddy.

Some will call me crazy. Some will call me maybe. Some will laugh at me or because of me (in any cases, I would have manage to make you smile –so jokes on you, literally). Some will just call me Laurie. I appreciate you anyway.



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