A Christmas Reminder

The snow, the smell of pine trees and the overwhelming feeling of excitement made me wonder what Christmas means to me. During the holidays, we stuff the meat and our faces, and we give and receive a lot of gifts. It would be impossible for me to remember all the Christmas gifts I was given... Continue Reading →


What Leaving Town Feels Like

After moving to Oslo, I initially felt like a typical tourist. I was constantly amazed by all the tacky sights and I wanted to see everything in one-go. I was rushing to places, fearing I would only be here for a limited amount of time. But then I realized the city was going to be... Continue Reading →

It’s About The Journey

I landed in Oslo about a month ago. Fresh off the plane, I was carrying two heavy suitcases filled with hopes and dreams. My adult life, far from my family, was finally beginning. I was about to become a new and improved version of myself —or so I thought. During the numerous hours I spend... Continue Reading →

Time Off in the Country

Fronton is 641 km away from my home in Versailles. Ever heard of it? I bet not. It is a small village where time seems to go by slower than at the doctor’s waiting room. It used to take about 6 hours by train and a 30 minute car ride to get there. It had... Continue Reading →

How to Overcome Post-Trip Depression

Getting away from home is liberating. Even the struggle of getting to the airport, the waiting nightmare and stress at customs become bearable. We are willing to wait for hours in line because we know it will worth it in the end. Of course, the trip could turn out to be less fun than expected... Continue Reading →

I am a Millennial but I am not…

I am a Millennial. According to common stereotypes, I am narcissistic, entitled, materialistic, addicted to technology and lazy. With the rise of selfies, individualism and uncertainty regarding the economy, we have been labeled "the worst and dumbest generation yet". We are being identified as hipsters who only want to work in casual environments and spend too much time in coffee shops.... Continue Reading →

Photography: Finding Inspiration

Four years ago, I was introduced to Vivian Maier. The fascinating documentary Finding Vivian Maier investigates how the mysterious woman earned a posthumous reputation as one of the most accomplished street photographer. Real estate agent John Maloof bought a box of negatives at a local auction house and ended up discovering a priceless treasure; 100,000... Continue Reading →

I’ve been distracted lately…

The case for quantity versus quality is straightforward. Quality wins. Quantity loses. Of course it depends but overall, quality triumphs. This is one truth I was certainly unaware of. To me, having more on my (actual and metaphorical) plate was better. I wanted to be full all the time. My schedule had to look like... Continue Reading →

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